Holbein x Stickerrific Watercolor Starter Palette

Holbein x Stickerrific Watercolor Starter Palette

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Holbein Artists' Quality Watercolors offer a wide range of moist, transparent watercolor with incomparable purity, brilliance, and permanence. Holbein manufactures their watercolors without Ox Gall or other dispersing agents so they move slowly for better brush control. Make your own pan watercolors with Holbein Watercolors. The creamy consistency means they will not crack or crumble when dry, and they rewet easily.

A set of 14 Holbein Watercolors used by artist Szetoo in her everyday watercolor artwork. These vibrant paints are high quality, artist grade and pigmented, perfect for starting on your watercolor journey. Each pan is individually hand poured from Holbein tubes. Each half pan contains 2.5ml of color

Colors within the set;
W035 Permanent Yellow Lemon
W037 Permanent Yellow Deep
W019 Vermilion Hue
W027 Quinacridone Scarlet
W010 Crimson Lake
W112 Mineral Violet
W094 Ultramarine Deep
W097 Prussian Blue
W075 Sap Green
W078 Bamboo Green
W034 Yellow Ochre
W133 Burnt Umber
W134 Burnt Sienna
W157 Neutral Tint


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After hand pouring, paints will dry, contract and sometimes pull from the sides of pan. 
Different paints cure differently, some will cure smoothly, others will cure with cracks. This does not affect the quality of the paint.

Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, color samples may appear different on different monitors.