Ohto Co., Ltd.

Ohto Co., Ltd. is a Japanese pen manufacturer established in 1929. It initially focused on dyes and inks. In 1949, Ohto produced the world's first pencil-shaped ballpoint pen with chrome ball. This was also the first "Made in Japan" ballpoint pen. In 1981, Ohto introduced the world's first ceramic roller ball pen. In 2000, Ohto created its famous single blocked strong needle tip, again, first in the world. Ohto's ceramic roller ball pen refills are so smooth that many pen lovers use them even in non-Ohto pens, and their needle-point pens are stylish and a joy to write with.

Its writing instruments are hard to find outside of Japan, and are prized by stationery collectors and aficionados for their traditional aesthetic and thoughtful approach to high-tech manufacturing. Their goal is to perfect the simple writing instrument, with the belief that high-quality daily-use utensils help us lead happy, productive lives.