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The Faith, The Dream by KC Lee

by KC Lee
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Revisiting and capturing previous memorable spots throughout KC's life path of 60 years from 1959-2019. Each sketch is accompanied with a short description in English. This book is aimed to encourage the younger generation, providing them with motivation and inspiration from my personal life experiences as well as a guidance to those interested in arts.

KC Lee (李根傳) is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He's an entrepreneur who founded Cablerod, a cable making company, and is also a painter and urban sketcher. KC works on a really large canvas and all the watercolour sketches in this artbook looks just like the originals.

This artbook is a very personal record of KC Lee's life. KC was just 8 days old when he was adopted in 1959. Fast forward to 2018, he decided to sketch and record his life story, and that's how his 88m sketch journal and this book came about.

This book has sketches of places, buildings, villages from childhood that he revisited. There are also sketches of his adoptive and biological parents, family members, friends and other people in his life. The stories of recollections of his childhood, interactions with people, culture in Malaysia and his experiences while sketching and painting on location.

This artbook is an accordion-style hardcover that measures 25 x 35.5cm. There's just one page about 17.5 metres long. This published work is actually just a smaller version of the original sketch journal which is 88m long, and is recognised by The Malaysia Book of Records as the “Longest Sketch Journal by an Individual”. You can read about his achievements from this Vulcan Post articleThis is a wonderful artbook. It is as beautiful as it is heartfelt.

Printed and published in Malaysia.

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