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Melting Stove for Wax Sealing

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This is a tool for making sealing wax seals that much easier. Convenient and perfect for mass making wax seals, when you have a mass of wax beads in few colors.

This wax sealing set have wide applications,they can be used to seal a invitation, a envelope, a parcel, and also can apply to maps, manuscripts, cards, scrapbook and so on.

Just place your wax sticks into the melting pot and light the wick. Once the wax sticks has melted, use a spoon to pick up the wax. Spoons for wax sealing are also available for sale in store.

Diameter: 9.5cm
Height: 11.5cm

Material: Bronze & Wood


Packaging Includes:

1 x wooden Furnace

1 x Aluminum bowl

1 x Alcohol lamp (Alcohol is not included in this item, you can find it in local market)