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Slumber Bugs Paper Swatch | Calendar 2022 | Beautiful Mess

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Bringing you 2022, beautiful mess.

2021 is like a thrilling roller coaster for many of us. Life got messy with covids and lockdowns. Big mess, small mess, messy mess, and beautiful mess were created.

Regardless of what mess we are going through, with this 2022 Beautiful Mess calendar, we hope to bring light and colour to brighten your day.

The size of each piece is 10cm x 10cm. 12 colour mess. All letterpress. This set consists of the 2022 calendar (12 sheets) along with a specially designed acrylic stand.
About Slumber Bugs: Slumber Bugs is an art studio co-founded by 2 graphic designers. It is a studio focused on producing handmade paper and screen prints.