Sailor Fude De Mannen Calligraphy Fountain Pen // Nib Angle 40 Degrees


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The Sailor Fude de Mannen Calligraphy pens are special script pens that allow the writer to alter the thickness of the written line by changing the angle of the nib on the paper. This angled nib allows the pen to be used like a brush pen: altering the angle at which you write will give varied line widths, perfect for lettering or Kanji. A steep angle produces fine strokes, whereas a shallower angle will produce broader strokes. 

There are two types of pen in this series; the blue pen has a nib that is angled at 40 degrees up, and the green pen has a nib that is angled at 55 degrees up. Use the blue/brown/pink pen (40 Degrees) if you wish to make more angled strokes, and the green pen (55 Degrees) if you write more "upright".

Filling Mechanisms: Cartridge/Converter (2 ink carridges included in the pen's barrel/Converter not included but is available in store).

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