Princeton 3950 Velvetouch Stroke Brush ( 1/4")


Princeton 3950 Velvetouch Stroke Brush ( 1/4")

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The 3950 Velvetouch™ is comprised of a multiple-filament, luxury synthetic blend for excellent color-holding capacity, precision tapering and resilient spring. The blend of synthetic is unique to each individual shape to ensure maximum performance. Comfort is ensured with our smooth, signature Velvetouch™ handle.

The Princeton Velvetouch Spotter is a Round brush with shorter, tighter hair. The shorter hair has less flex than the Round for accurate detail.

Velvetouch™ Features

  • A superior blend for performance
  • Best quality for multimedia
  • Velvetouch™ comfortable handle

The Stroke brush is shaped like a Flat Shader but with longer hairs, which ensures it holds a lot of color. It is used for lettering, blending, and glazing

Size 1/4" 1/2"
Length 0.69 0.94
Diameter 0.24 0.46


Size 1/4" 1/2"
Length 17.5 24
Diameter 6.2 11.8