PLATINUM Ink Converter 500


PLATINUM Ink Converter 500

Regular price MYR 38.00

Converter for most standard Platinum fountain pens. Screw-type piston fill.

NOTE: does NOT work with Platinum Preppy or Plaisir fountain pens. While the converter will fit perfectly well inside the pens, ink is only drawn into the feed, not into the converter. Can be used with these pens if you fill the converter outside the pen, then fit it pre-filled. Works normally with other Platinum pens.

Size: 0.53cc/converter

<Precaution when filling converter.> 

Ink might splash when filling converter, so please be noted the followings. 

1.Before filling converter, protect with disposable cloth or newspaper from ink. 
2.After filling converter, wipe off nib and nib roots part to prevent ink leak
  before start writing.