Pilot DR Drawing Pen

Pilot DR Drawing Pen


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Pilot Drawing Pens are great for drafting, sketching, illustration, and design work. The bold, water-based pigment ink gives strong color and is quick-drying, water-resistant, and lightfast.

The DR range feature a durable polyacetal tip which is hard wearing and snap resistant and fast drying pigment ink, which is light resistant and highly water resistant when dry. Ideal for sketching or for use as a technical pen. Ink circulation system prevents the tip from drying out. Five tip sizes are available: 0.5mm tip gives a 0.28mm line (01), 0.06mm tip gives a 0.35mm line (02), 0.8mm tip gives a 0.4mm line (03), 1mm tip gives a 0.5mm line (04), 1.2mm tip gives a 0.8mm line (05).

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