Manuscript Stylu Script Pen Set


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By stepping into the digital era STYLU Script allows you to access content on your tablet or electronic device, without losing the pleasure of writing by hand.

With a swipe of your stylus you will discover plenty of resources on the Manuscript Pen Company Ltd website, including the free CallisCREATIVE app.  A very useful tool to learn the basics of calligraphy and have fun drawing and colouring.

* Write with the fountain pen and cartridge on your paper

* Use the stylus on your tablet

Nibs - Iridium, M, 2B

Download the app here:

As someone who’s trying to make calligraphy relevant to people on a daily basis, I applaud Manuscript for trying to strike a balance between the old and the new.

“….what I love about this is how easy it is for me to continue my calligraphy practice when I’m out and about in Manchester. The quick guide on the left panel introduces some basic terms and concepts, the same thing I do for my workshops. This allows total beginners to know what to look out for, where to draw their stokes and how to proportion the alphabets.

“If you’re looking at exploring the Italic and/or Gothic script, this is the place to look. You get a pen, a stylus and an app. How comprehensive can you get?”

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