Manuscript Modern Calligraphy Set


Manuscript Modern Calligraphy Set

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EXPLORE the growing trend for modern calligraphy with this inspiring NEW Modern Calligraphy Set from Manuscript. This is a great starter kit for beginners or a fantastic addition to a more experienced lettering artist’s collection. The set even comes in a small handy storage tin to keep your creative space tidy when not in use!

The Set Contains:
  • 1 x Turquoise Pen Holder: DPPH170X
  • 1 x Extra Fine Principle Nib: DPPrince
  • 1 x Flexible Shorthand Nib: DP40
  • 1 x Decorative Fine Point Nib: DP30
  • 1 x 5ml Bottle of Black Calligraphy Ink
Below are some steps to help prepare for your Modern Calligraphy Adventure:
Fitting the nib
  1. The nib should be inserted into the area between the metal parts as shown by the blue line 
  2. Hold the nib firmly with a napkin (to avoid transferring grease) and push in to place
  3. This is how a correctly fitted nib should look: 


Holding The Pen
  1.  Hold the pen between your index and middle finger with the nib facing outwards. Using your thumb, support the pen from underneath. Palm Facing you. Elbow on the table.
Sitting Position
  1. Breathe, sit up straight and write slow.


We have prepared some modern calligraphy alphabets that can be easily downloaded to your PC. All you need to do to view and download the files is fill in your contact details below and press ‘submit’! It’s that simple! Enjoy!

The extra fine Principal nib is one of the most precious nibs for calligraphers worldwide. The blue DP40 nib is also held in high regard by many top lettering artists