Luke, Leia & Chewie Acrylic Keychains
Luke, Leia & Chewie Acrylic Keychains
Luke, Leia & Chewie Acrylic Keychains


Luke, Leia & Chewie Acrylic Keychains

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Luke, Leia and Chewie are cats who fell in love with us and never wanted to leave. Hahaha. The truth is, we found Luke and Leia in a box in the carpark at 2 months old in 2014. We helped to feed, neuter/spay them everyday until they reached the age of 6 months before putting up for adoption. For months, we received no leads until one day, Luke went missing. We searched all over Jaya One and on the 10th day, we were convinced that he would never come back so we decided to adopt Leia.

The day we bought her a food bowl and a litter box for her, a fellow Jaya One-er told us they saw a black and white cat up on the 3rd floor at the theatre. We brought Leia up there and Luke came to her as she meowed. So that's how we ended up with two cats. We found Chewie who had just given birth to four kittens, in front of Nando's later that year. After fostering her and the kittens for another 6 months, we found adopters for all her kittens and decided to keep her because she also had a limp.

Luke, Leia and Chewie have now lived with us for 2 years now and they mean the world to us. To mark the amazing life they've shared with us, we've collaborated with sisters Khadijah and Khairina to create this gorgeous acrylic keychains! Each keychain is 4-5 cm long and 5mm thick.

Available in 10 different designs, sold individually or in a full set.

Leia is a gray cat

Chewie is a orangey brown cat

Luke is a black and white tuxedo cat

Full set is buy 9 free 1.

Note: Each keychain comes with a protective layer on each side, please peel them off before use.