KITTA Washi Tape Index Mix / KITD012

KITTA Washi Tape Index Mix / KITD012

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These pre-cut strips of washi tape come in a slim packet that stores nicely in a planner cover pocket.

The tape height is 1.5 cm, and each strip is 5 cm long for a perfect fit in your planner page. You can also tape the washi tape strip out from the edge of your page to make a decorated index tab.

Each tape set includes 4 colorful designs and 10 pieces each (40 total), with the warm touch of hand-drawn illustrations. The set comes in a case that folds in half to the size of a business card, making it fit perfectly into a cover pocket. The pre-cut strips make it easy to just pull tape pieces out one at a time without having to cut it yourself, and the clean edges also look nice on paper.

Set themes include checkered patterns, flowers, cute animals, plates, and breakfast foods.

Tape size H15 × W50mm
Cover size H91 x W55mm (when folded)
1 book 40 sheets (10 sheets x 4 patterns)
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