J. Herbin Wax Gun Sticks // Burgundy

J. Herbin Wax Gun Sticks // Burgundy

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This sticks are to be use in J. Herbin, low temperature wax gun.

A Wax Glue Gun tool allows one to create wax seals quickly and easily at any time.

Large scale production can be done without much fuss & mess, and in a quarter of the time as traditional flame melting methods.

One can use these in a glue gun, or melting over a flame with a spoon.

Note: changing wax colors within a glue gun takes at least two sticks of wax to complete. The wax will melt into a pooling chamber within the gun, and new colors will mix with the old, until enough new wax color runs true.

This can create some fun combinations if you plan out your colors.

If it is important for colors to not mix, you may wish to consider:

  • Dedicating one glue gun to one color.
  • Cutting pieces of lesser used colors to melt in our melting spoon.