Pentel Hybrid Milky Pastel 0.8mm Gel Pen


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Add a "POP" of colour to any page with Milky pastel gel ink. Use to add decorations on cards, scrapbooks or photos. Vivid colours on white paper, bright pastel colours on black paper. 
Orange, Yellow, Green and Pink glows under blacklight.

The pigment ink in the Hybrid Gel Roller is made from water and a binder and contains wax pigments. These wax pigments prevent the ink bleeding into the paper. They also provide a smooth ink flow without blobbing or skipping. The colours are light-resistant, waterproof and acid-free. The 0.8mm tip gives a 0.4mm line width. Ideal for dark or light coloured paper.

Available in 7 Milky colours: Milky Orange, Milky Yellow, Milky Green, Milky Pink, Milky Blue, Milky Violet and Milky White.

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