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SCHMINCKE HORADAM® Aquarell Compact box metal box with 18 full pans

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This set from Schmincke contains 18 professional quality Hordam Aquarell full pan watercolours, beautifully presented in a metal box of the highest finish.

  • These watercolours are a highly impressive range which don’t compromise on quality.
  • The colours are produced from one pigment only, producing the very cleanest of mixes, colour clarity and brilliance.
  • The colours feature a Kodorfan Gum Arabic binder from the Southern Sahara and is unique to this range from Schmincke.
  • The Horadam Aquarell Watercolours are tested to comply with the highest quality standards when it comes to stability, fineness, re-solublility, permanence and lightfastness, everything you’d expect from one of the worlds leading brands in colour making.

This would make a truly remarkable gift for a watercolourist with the highest quality standard expectations.

Well constructed from a decent lightweight metal with a matte black enamel external finish. There is a thumb ring at the bottom so you can hold the palette single handed and a closing mechanism that is reliable but not frustrating.

The tin opens to provide lots of mixing surface - 4 wells inside the lid and another 10 spaces on the mixing plate that folds out. Internal finish is white enamel which is ideal for mixing and cleans up well.

This tin holds 18 x full pans 

This set comes with:

18 x Whole Pan Schmincke Horadam Watercolours

1 x Lemon Yellow 215
1 x Cadmium Yellow Light 224
1 x Chrome Orange 214
1 x Cadmium Red Light 349
1 x Permanent Carmine 353
1 x Manganese Violet 474
1 x Ultramarine Finest 494
1 x Prussian Blue 492
1 x Cerulean Blue 481
1 x Phthalo Green 519
1 x Cobalt Green dark 533
1 x Perm. Green Olive 534
1 x Naples Yellow 229
1 x Yellow Ochre 655
1 x Burnt Sienna 661
1 x English Venetian Red 649
1 x Sepia Brown 663
1 x Ivory Black 780