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fusen marker x mizutama Sticky Note Marker

Original price MYR 26.80 - Original price MYR 26.80
Original price MYR 26.80
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Limited Edition Collaboration between artist Mizutama and Kanmido brand, limited quantities available!

"Fusen Marker" is a "sticky note marker" developed by taking advantage of the original features of film sticky notes, which are "sticky notes that can be stuck and peeled off + translucent and do not hide the letters below". Since the line once drawn can be peeled off and "erased", there is no need to worry about drawing the line directly with a marker pen or "cannot erase", "book gets dirty", "cannot draw well", etc. You can draw a line without these concerns in mind :)

In this project, we collaborated with illustrator mizutama, who is extremely popular with stationery lovers. Since its release in November last year, the new "Fusen Marker" has been attracting attention from various fields, including receiving the "4th Stationery Women's Award" (W award in 2 categories) and the "Stationery Shop Award 2021" (Sticky Note Award). You can use the functionality conveniently and happily with mizutama's cute illustrations.

* Depending on the material of the paper and the environment in which it is used, the surface of the paper may be scratched when the sticky notes are peeled off, or the characters on the paper may be peeled off or left behind. When peeling off, please peel off gently. Also, avoid using it for important books, old books, valuable books, or borrowed books (library books, etc.).

    Width 6 mm x Length 5 m
    Made In Japan

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