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A transparent tagged paper of film material. Because the glue area is wide, I stick to "Pitato".
Ten patterns of popular stripes and dots, 15 each, total 150 pieces, you can use plenty.

· As a marker on notebooks, notes, guidebooks.
· When you stick a memo, like a seal feeling.
· As a decoration of accessories and gifts.
· As a home party, as a glass marker (glass marker).

Decorations with a combination of colors and patterns, you can enjoy with a sense of seal.

More than half of the back side is an adhesive face. It fits snugly.
Temporary paper The light blue part of each handle has "glue" attached. By sticking firmly to the adhesive surface, you can firmly paste it even if it is small.

Contents 150 pieces entered (10 patterns × 15 sheets)
size Package / H136 × W68 × D 3 mm
please note · Please note that fountain pen, water-based ink ballpoint pen, fountain pen etc. are difficult to dry ink.
- It may not stick to the surface with rough surface, moisture, oil, dust etc.
· Since the item is spelling 15, the color may look dark.
· Ink and toner may stick to the adhesive surface. Please try before you use.
· Do not lick or stick to your skin.
- Please keep it out of reach of children.
Getting Started * When filling in, please avoid using a water pen, please use a
ballpoint pen / pencil / oil type felt pen.
※ Because the adhesive side is the bottom, please turn over from the top.

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