Escoda Artist David Taylor Set
Escoda Artist David Taylor Set


Escoda Artist David Taylor Set

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David’s career in the study and teaching of watercolor painting spans over 4 decades. He great love of this medium has involved teaching in Australia and overseas. He has received numerous achievements in art including over 100 awards in watercolor. His works are represented in a variety of public and private collections worldwide. At each exhibition, Taylor conveys his love of spontaneity, light, shape and color and a sense of freedom when working on location.

His signature brushes are ideal for all watercolor painters. Each set includes a large synthetic mop brush – Ultimo series size 18 - perfect for laying down large washes, and two round synthetic sable brushes – Prado series sizes 8 and 12 - for all types of details.

Contents Include:

3 x Escoda Tendo Synthetic Watercolour Brushes

1 x PRADO Round Pointed No.8

1 x PRADO Round Pointed No.12

1 x ULTIMO Round Pointed Short Handle No.18


In a small town outside of Barcelona in the fall of 1933, Josep Escoda Roig (1902-1982) envisioned and created a brush factory to produce artist brushes for decorative and Fine Art. It would be the first of its kind in Spain and despite a Civil War and difficulty in obtaining raw materials, the company developed and grew. Today, the company has produced nearly 75 million brushes with close to a million brushes being produced each year.

Josep Escoda’s vision and passion for producing the best brushes in the world continues to this day with his sons Josep Jr. and Ricard. It is is now a 3rd generation company with sons and daughters of both brothers following in their grandfather’s footsteps.


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