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Embroidered Patches | Kacang

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Salang Design is a creative brand based in Malaysia. They take inspiration from everyday life, aspiring to bring delight to the otherwise hectic concrete jungle. Believing everyone deserves a little bit of extraordinary. 

Embroidering 60 Years of Culture- Everyday Malaysian icons come to life in embroidered iron on patch to celebrate the nation's independence. 

They provide a range of design of Malaysian icons that all of us were once familiar with (and hopefully still). Some of these were icons of our history, some of these still exist today - but not necessarily always in our mind. They reckon many of them have been rendered invisible by our hectic lives. Nonetheless, this is a part of our culture and they hope to see it remembered. Yet, in silence they have witnessed the effect of time on this land - from the first arrivals of our forefathers to the nation as we know it today. 

Embroidered iron on patches are fast and easy to attach on any cloth material. You can express your creativity through DIY on shirt, jacket, jean, and bag.