Dinopuff  Sticker Sheet

Susanne Low Illustrations

Dinopuff Sticker Sheet

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The original painting of Dinopuff was inspired by the cartoon called “Adventure Time”. Dino is actually taking a bubble bath and it is adventurous to bathe near the volcano, lava river. This illustration was created with watercolor, gouache paint and coloured pencil details!

Design & Illustrated by Susanne Low

All prints are printed by local suppliers
Perfect to stick on any hard surface (notebooks, laptops, tumblers, cars, etc.) or decoration as wall banner.

  • die-cut with sticker base backing
  • Dimensions: varies shape and all arrange according to the height (3 in)
  • Inkjet Printed on Transparent Glosslam sticker
Care for your sticker:
+ Not for walls or surfaces where the finish can come off or rubbery surfaces.
+ The stickers can be removable but the stickiness might wear off.