Tachikawa T17WD Pen Holder
Tachikawa T17WD Pen Holder


Tachikawa T17WD Pen Holder

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The T-17WD is a lightweight, high quality holder made of wood with a light natural colour varnish.This holder uses the plastic collar system to hold the nibs. This holder only holds smaller nibs such as Maru or Mapping nibs.

Total length is almost 5 inches, width is approx 7/16 inch.

Made in Japan.


Tachikawa is a famous pen company in Japan. Professional manga artists use Tachikawa pens for drawing. 

Tachikawa Pens are availible in five types: 

* Tachikawa 600 Chrome Pen: Large pen nib, capable of varying line thicknesses 

* Tachikawa G-Pen: Used for drawing main lines and flash lines. Direct, hard touch 

* Tachikawa School Pen: Similar to the G-Pen, with somewhat softer nib point.Makes slightly bolder lines 

* Tachikawa Nihon-Moji Pen: Used for writing characters or lettering 

* Tachikawa Maru Pen: Small nib for detailing and thin lines 

Tachikawa Pen holders are used to hold the pen nibs. 

Availible in two types: 

* Tachikawa Pen Holder T-25: For wider nibs 

* Tachikawa Maru Pen Holder: Small and thin; for holding Maru nibs