Clear Faced Bag | Ribbon (M)
Clear Faced Bag | Ribbon (M)
Clear Faced Bag | Ribbon (M)


Clear Faced Bag | Ribbon (M)

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Perfect for something a little gifts and sort of daily, wrapping items for "Petit gift".
The transparent sheet on the front so that you can see what you put in.
Because it is laminated with polyethylene, you can use it by putting food such as sweets.

★ Please be careful ★ This item is not an origami. 
It is not suitable for Origami because it becomes whitened when the transparent part is folded, and breaks when folded back many times.

Contents 12 sheets
Material Paper (PE laminated processing)
※ This product conforms to the standards based on the Food Sanitation Law.
size H190 × W130 mm
[Inside dimension : H 183 × W 120 mm]
Remarks Before using
● Please refrain from using with a microwave oven.
● Do not place it on the side of fire or high temperature.
● Please be sure to cool the hot one before it cools.
● Do not insert anything containing liquid.
● Please do not put in the refrigerator · freezer.