Classiky x Shunshun Washi Tape Set
Classiky x Shunshun Washi Tape Set
Classiky x Shunshun Washi Tape Set


Classiky x Shunshun Washi Tape Set

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Set of three washi tapes produced by Classiky with illustrations by Shun Shun.

3 rolls x 20mm × 10 m

By the artist Shun shun:

"I want to describe elements just like tracing the landscape," he describes his profession as a drawingist. When drawing is drawn in a dictionary, it is "drawing of object, drawing technique of drawing drawing of light and dark on a plane, or work, drawing in French, drawing in English".

If it is drawing or drawing that faithfully draws the object, it seems that the picture of Shunshun who draws the air feeling of the place with a single line of ballpoint pen is close to saying that illustration is close did. I do not understand the intrinsic meaning of each word as an art terminology because it is outside the field of expertise but the role of illustration is to illustrate the information possessed by the subject matter and to comprehend the medium to communicate clearly I think that is what it will be.

However, the empathy that the viewer of Shunjun felt unintentionally felt was not based on the illustrated information, and the subjective space that would have been visible to the artist himself during that time is now Is not it to appear before your eyes?

In other words, the picture does not exist as a medium but as an impression of the author's impression. Primitive action that does not change no matter how the age evolves, "Painting on the spot" holding paper and a pen, as it says to himself, "to obediently, naively and quickly draw" I think that painting a picture is worthy of saying "drawing" as well.

Every time you gently pull out the tape, you will feel relieved in a quiet drawing.