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2022 TRAVELER'S Notebook Refill: Weekly + Memo (Regular)

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When I hear a soundtrack, scenes from the movie pops into my mind, along with the emotions, excitement, and even the memories of my teenage years come back to me. This is the same feeling that washes over me when I open my old diary and read it again. When I open a slightly yellowed page with a worn sticker on the cover and a stamp on the side of a haphazardly written schedule—it brings back nostalgic scenes and emotions of that time in my life.

Just like when a new movie is about to be released, the year 2022 is about to begin.
Why don’t you start the new year feeling like a character in a movie?
Whether it is an exciting adventure, a heart-fluttering romance, a comedy that brings you laughter and tears, or a road movie that will heal your loneliness…. Now, let a new story begin.

Keep writing your daily stories in your TRAVELER’S notebook and one day it will be like a soundtrack of a movie, bringing back your memories.

It is a 2022 diary refill of Traveler's Note Weekly Free + Memo.
One week is laid out on the left page, and section ruled notes are laid out on the right page. You can write a to-do list in the memo space, attach your favorite label and scrap it, and use it freely. One book has 6 months of weekly pages. Two books in the first half and the second half are set. Since the original writing paper (MD paper) that pursues writability is used, bleeding and strike-through are less likely to occur even with a fountain pen. Comes with a guide and a sticker for customization.

Inner paper / annual calendar, monthly schedule, 1 week schedule + section memo (January-June, July-December 2022), 68 pages x 2 packs [MD paper] Medium sewing machine binding
guide (with stickers)

Material: MD paper
Size: Body / H210 × W110 × D8mm


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