Appree Pressed Flower Sticker // Rapeseed Flower


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This is a pressed-flower type Rapeseed flower sticker made by pressing flowers and leaves. The flower language of Rapeseed flower is ‘lively’. It is renowned for blooming beautifully on Jeju Island, and so tourists flock to Jeju Island in or about April. Rape seeded during the autumn withstands the harsh cold of the winter and blooms flowers in yellow when the warm spring comes. Rape blossom’s seed is also used for oil frequently.

* It is not a real pressed flower, but a printed sticker made by reediting the images of the pressed flower.

We added minimal design and tried to maximize the natural beauty in itself. This realistically portrayed pressed-flower type Bridal wreath sticker is naturally merged into wherever we want, making it a different place and giving it a new feeling.

You can feel the pressed flower more vividly if it is delicately expressed by minimizing the space between the pressed plants image and outer line. It is designed in a more three-dimensional way, by expressing the shadows of the plant.

The sticker is matte finished, and this gives it a natural effect when it is pasted onto the organizer or note.

92 x 150mm

Made in Korea

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