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About MUOC

MUOC is the brainchild of Yew Souf, who turned his artistic talent, love for nature and patriotism into creative handicrafts unlike any other.

MUOC, which is inspired by the richness of Malaysian natural and cultural heritage, 100% designed and made in Malaysia for Malaysians as well as the world at large. MUOC envisions itself as a brand that epitomizes Malaysia with creative and affordably priced handicrafts which can be tastefully presented as souvenirs, gifts and ornaments.

What's in a name?

An acronym for Malaysian Unity of Cultures, MUOC sounds identical to Tapir (Chinese: 貘, mo) in Chinese. Native to Southeast Asia, the Malayan Tapir has a flexible snout like an elephant's trunk, ears of a horse, legs of a hippo and a body of a pig. It is an iconic creature that perfectly epitomizes Malaysia, a nation of cultural fusion between different races. The way of life of each ethnic group is not mutually exclusive but appropriated and assimilated. Such fusion has given birth to amusing colloquial languages, colourful festivals, arts and culinary delights, thus making Malaysia a unique destination of discovery in Asia.


As a homegrown brand, we strive to be 100% Buatan Malaysia. And as a brand that aims to create public awareness and boost public spirit, we make every effort to source our materials from local sources whenever possible and have our products made by Malaysians, some of whom are from the underprivileged groups in our society, such as single mothers, people with disability, Orang Asli, and even refugees who take shelter in this land and have come to love our beloved nation. By doing so, not only does it add more intrinsic value to our products, it also helps create a supplementary income stream for these vulnerable groups.

In addition, as a brand that cares for the well-being of our people and heritage, we allocate part of our proceeds for charity and NGOs from time to time. We also organize talks and workshops for schools, create our own illustration books and participate in events that promote the love for nature to raise awareness about nature conservation, especially among the younger generations.

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