MD A5 Cotton Notebook


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For you to cherish something, and use it for years to come, it has to be of fine quality. This notebook insists on the best quality possible.

Bound with stitches, it opens up flat to let you write with ease. And it is very durable. his excellent set of Midori notebooks comes with a very light cotton-like paper that retains the high quality of the MD line. Excellent ink absorption.

When you finish up a notebook, you have a book made by and for yourself, the one and only one in the whole world. Keep it in your bookshelf, among your favorite books.


MD Paper was born in 1960 as an original writing paper made in Japan, which offered a comfortable writing experience through its ink resistance and anti-transparency. 
Only paper that passes our quality standard is used for diaries, notebooks and schedule books as MD Paper. Enjoy the comfortable writing feel of MD Paper. 

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of our MD notebook, we have developed new version of MD paper, which contains 20% of cotton. Try writing on it, and enjoy the elegant touch – the new paper “gently embraces the ink.”

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