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MD Paper was born in 1960 as an original writing paper made in Japan, which offered a comfortable writing experience through its ink resistance and anti-transparency. 

Only paper that passes our quality standard is used for diaries, notebooks and schedule books as MD Paper. Enjoy the comfortable writing feel of MD Paper. 

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of our MD notebook, we have developed new version of MD paper, which contains 20% of cotton. Try writing on it, and enjoy the elegant touch – the new paper “gently embraces the ink.”

The 2020 MD diaries are ideal if you want to use every inch of your notebook. Similar to the MD Notebook, this diary is simple and easy to use to stimulate your creativity.

Consisting of monthly schedule pages and 385 pages of free space, this diary allows you to chronicle your life in detail.

With plenty of blank space and a simple, easy-to-use format, this diary is ideal for jotting down your ideas and inspirations.

This diary combines a block-type monthly schedule with 385 pages of free space.

The free pages are designed to be customized to suit your style.
Times from 8:00am to midnight are written down the left hand side so that you can schedule your day, and there is blank space on the right hand side so that you can keep a diary or draw pictures.

There are seven bullet points at the top so that you can make a to-do list or fill in the hours from 1 to 7. Or use this blank area for more diary-writing and drawing.

The schedule lines on the other side can be seen faintly through the blank space, providing a guide for you to use when writing.

2 pages : Annual calendar /
28 pages : Monthly schedule (December 2019 - January 2021) /
385 pages : Free page 1 page for 1 day (total 415 pages)

Size: H216×W157×D23mm

For more paper pads and notebooks from the MD series; https://www.stickerrificstore.com/md-paper

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