MD 10th Anniversary B6 Paper Cover


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MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ is a Japanese-made series of paper products with a focus on simplicity and thoughtful design of every aspect of the paper to make writing as easy as possible.

10 years ago, we designed the ultimate writing experience based on MD Paper, our original writing paper that we developed in the 1960s. We use this paper ourselves and have continually improved upon it based on our own experience.

Every item in the MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ series comes from a commitment to quality that makes writing a pleasure.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have released a limited-edition brown and dark brown Cordoba paper notebook covers that coordinate perfectly with your MD notebook.


People always seem to want to treasure their notebooks, into which they have written points to remember, their flashes of inspiration and cherished memories. This cover will protect your notebook without detracting from its character: simple and subtle.

The thick Cordoba paper cover is both light and durable. Precisely because of our attention to paper quality in our notebooks, we have also prepared a cover made of paper.

With a natural texture and a sense of purity that enhance the comfort of using the MD Notebook, this cover is perfectly suited to your notebook.

Over time the cover may crease, giving an extra depth of character. If you are feeling particularly brave, scrunch up the cover to create an aged look with further depth of expression.

Contents Made of paper 
※ MD notebooks are not included.
size Package size / H 185 × W 110 × D 
10 mm size when opened / H 185 × W 225 mm
Remarks Before using 
● The cardboard for protection is fitted exactly. Please remove it carefully as there is a possibility of breakage of the main body. 
● It is a note cover dedicated to MD notes. 
Please note that things of other companies may not enter depending on size.

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