[NEW] Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pads


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Shachihata - the favorite of DIY stationary lovers. Shachihata founded for over 85 years of history is specializing in producing self-inking stamps, special ink and its famous high quality ink pad.

Similar to the Shachihata ink pads that we are familiar with, the Iromoyo ink pads are oil-based ink pads as well. The stamp imprint is clear and crisp by using this ink pad. The ink pad has particular cotton cloth which is durable, and it will not be hollow like the contemporary office ink pads. The useful and beautiful ink pad will be the lovely stationery on your desk.

Available in 24 beautiful Japanese traditional colors.

Size: 7.7cm x 5.6cm x 1.6cm (6.3cm x 4.0cm)

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