coco fusen x mizutama Sticky Note: Strawberry & Lemon


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Limited Edition Collaboration between artist Mizutama and coco fusen brand, limited quantities available!

cocofusen is a sticky note with a dispenser that pops out the next sheet every time you pull one out. The back of the dispenser has a strip of tape to attach it to the front or back page of your planner, which is almost the same size as a credit card. It can be carried in a personal pocket notebook such as a pocketbook or wallet.

The matte surface of this film sticky note makes it relatively easy to write on with most pens. The larger notes are especially easy to write on with the extra space, making it easy to move notes around your pages. Please note that some ink types may take longer to dry on the matte surface of the stick notes.

Additional info on Sticky Notes

  • Usable with oil-based ink and pencil. Gel ink and water-based ink may take longer to dry.
  • Pressing the adhesive section strongly onto certain types of paper (such as photo paper) may leave adhesive residue behind.
  • Ink and toner may transfer onto adhesive side.

Additional info on the Card Dispenser Case

  • Certain types of paper (such as photo paper) are more prone to having adhesive residue left behind. Please peel off gently when removing.
  • Please avoid sticking onto valuables.
  • Adhesive may leave behind residue when attached to a surface for a prolonged period of time.

30 sheets x 2 designs
30 x 42 mm
Made In Japan

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