Kokuyo Harinacs Press Staple-less Stapler (5 Sheets)


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With this stapler, you'll never have to refill another staple in your life. 

Its cleverly-designed blade punches out and crimps the papers securely together—without using any actual staples! Use it to staple documents and memos, close paper gift bags, and make paper crafts. When it's time to discard the documents, simply shred or recycle them without the fuss of removing staples. This staple-less stapler is also good for the environment because it cuts down on the use of non-renewable metal staples.

This stapler is thoughtfully designed for easy use. Its compact body fits snugly in the hand, and it doesn't require a lot of force to press down. A clear window lets you see where you are stapling so that you don't accidentally staple over a line of text. Its small size also makes it easy to store and carry. Keep it handy in your pencil case, slip it into a drawer, or hang it on the wall by threading a strap through the small hole under the handle.

To use this stapler, slide up to 5 sheets of paper into the slot and press down. 

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