Envelope Calligraphy Ruler


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This envelope addressing ruler is designed special for calligraphy. Perfect for envelopes that cannot be addressed on a light pad, the inkmethis Envelope Ruler will help you create your guidelines in a flash!

With this template, you can quickly mark your guidelines in multiple x-heights depending on your preference or project need. Plus, it includes built in slants at both 55 and 52 degrees (which have been extended since this video was created to make marking slants a breeze).

•  4mm x height at 3:2:3 ratio
•  5mm x height at 3:2:3 ratio
•  6.5mm x height at 1:1:1 ratio
•  55 degree slant guide
•  52 degree slant guide
•  Center guide for A2, A6, A7 and A9 envelopes
•  1" standard ruler

•  Made of transparent acrylic for easy placement
•  Use on any envelope size

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