Kyo-Iro Fountain Pen Ink / Urahairo [5ml Sample]

Kyoto Ink

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Kyo-No-Oto and Kyo-Iro fountain pen inks are made in Kyoto, Japan using traditional dyeing techniques. The colours are inspired by famous and fascinating places in Kyoto which are the expression of its rich history and profound culture for a long time.

Kyo-No-Oto (京の音) 5ml Bottle Ink Sample

'Urahairo' can be translated to English as underside of a leaf. 'Ura' means 'under­side' and 'Ha' means 'leaf. Since the Heian­era when Kyoto was the capital of Japan, people loved this color and used it for coloring of textile for cloths, etc.This ink brings a pale and subdued green just like sunlight falls down though the leaves into your eyes.

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