Bookmarker Clip // Cat & Moon


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0.1mm stainless steel book marker

Ultra-thin, so it doesn't get in the way when writing or turning pages. The clip part can be inserted lightly to achieve a firm holding force.

Exquisitely expressed by fine punching and digging by etching, lines. You can draw an icon using a part of the pattern as a template. When using as a template, use a mechanical pencil or ballpoint pen with a core of 0.5 mm or less.

“Cat and Moon” designed with the motif of cats, moon and night city. By tracing the template, you can draw the icons of “Crescent Moon, Half Moon, Leap Moon, Full Moon”. A book marker that combines functionality and design.

4 pieces (4 type x 1 piece) made of stainless steel
H41 × W13 × D0.7mm

Made in China

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