Brause A3 Calligraphy Practice Pad


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This spiral block, of the famous brand name "Brause", contains 50 sheets of "Dune" ivory paper, lined, without acid or chlorine, made from certified wood fibers. It is presented in the format "Landscape". This block was specially developed by Brause and the House of Calligraphy for an easy practice of Calligraphy.

It was designed to allow the different scripts of the Latin Calligraphy to be traced: Rustica, Onciale, Caroline, Gothic, Chancellor, Round and English. It contains three pages of guides to be dragged under the writing sheet to plot each writing in its specific slope.

Off white lined paper
Acid free
Very smooth no bleed, best for all nibs
Numbered margin guides and 5mm lines
3 guide sheets with different slanted grids
Easy introduction to calligraphy and to main calligraphy alphabets

Dimensions of the sheets: 42 x 31,8 cm.
Weight: 90 g / m2.

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