azreenChan Sailor Squad Flake Sticker Pack


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Based on the 90's anime/manga, Sailormoon. One of my personal favorite when I was growing up. This comic made me wanted to draw in the first place.

Characters :
Usagi Tsukino + Mamoru Chiba ,
Chibi Usa,
Rei Hino,
Ami Mizuno,
Makoto Kino,
Minako Aino,
Hotaru Tomoe,
Satsuna Meioh,
Haruka Tenoh,
Michiru Kaioh,
Luna + Artemis


Digitally hand-painted by me.

It can be used as a sticker, craft item for your journal, little present for your friends, or for your collection <3

Details :
Quantity : 11 pieces sticker
Size : Various (around 5 - 7 cm)
Material : Printed on sticker paper, not water-proof
Finishing : Hand-cut by me.

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